Register company under U.S-Thai Treaty of Amity
United States citizens have special privileges regarding setting up a business in Thailand. Due to the friendship treaty between the United States and Thailand Under this treaty, Americans can own all shares or companies. Americans are also exempt from certain restrictions on foreign investors and can conduct business in the same manner as Thai businesses. If you are an American citizen interested in doing business in Thailand, consider forming a corporation under a commercial treaty. Amity of Thailand – United States

Benefits of Treaties of Amity and International Trade Thai-USA

Many people choose to set up a company. with the Treaty of Amity between Thailand and the United States Because they can own the entire company. or majority partner The benefits will not be paid to people in other countries.

This business flexibility under this treaty. Allowing an American sole proprietorship is the only way for foreigners to operate as sole proprietorships in Thailand.

In addition, investors do not have to deal with many of the restrictions involved. with foreign investors will be treated as Thai nationals when they establish a company under this treaty.

Disadvantages of setting up a company under the Thai-U.S. Treaty of Amity

Before starting a company, it’s important to look at the drawbacks of a company like this. Pongpanich Accounting Law Team will make you understand every detail. So you can decide if it’s right for what you’re looking for.

First, companies under the Thai-U.S. Amity Treaty There are some limitations, that is, companies are not allowed to Engaged in the business of transport communications or native agricultural products within the country. The Company cannot authorize any power or assets or participate in banking.

In addition, companies under the Thai-U.S. Amity Treaty It is a foreign juristic person primarily registered in Thailand. which prevents the company from owning the land Foreign investors interested in owning land will want to look at other options where Pongpanich Accounting can advise you on options and help you decide on the best fit.

in this option Suitable for US investors only. Which is not a drawback for Americans. Investors of other nationalities who want to invest in Thailand must consider other options.

Legal requirements

Requirements to open a company under the Thai-US Treaty of Amity First, Americans must own at least 51 percent of the shares, although they can hold all of the shares.

or at least half of the Board of Directors must be U.S. citizens. But can be 100% American if you want.

There is also a minimum capital requirement for starting a company under the Thai-US Treaty of Amity. If the company does not require a business license in foreign countries It requires a minimum capital of 2 million baht and must increase to 3 million baht if you want a foreign business license. to avoid any complications You should therefore seek help from Pongpanich Accounting before proceeding as the legal team will make sure you understand the funding before registering the company.

Timeframe for establishing a company under the Thai-U.S. Treaty of Amity

Usually takes 4 – 5 weeks, which if there is a slight mistake. It can be extended for another week. For months or months, let Pongpanich Accounting guarantee your documents for review, sorting, and delivery on time. You don’t have to worry about late approvals.

The other two main areas involved are that the company must be certified under the US Facilitation Treaty, and then the company must register.

Accreditation under the Thai-US Amity Treaty

There are three phases involved in obtaining certification under the Treaty of Amity.

  • 1. The company is required to submit necessary documents showing that the company complies with Thai law.
  • 2. Documents will be reviewed. and if the company complies with legal requirements The certificate will be sent to the Thai Trade Registration Department.
  • 3. The company is certified. by preparing additional documents for the Ministry of Commerce