Account matters, trust us.

Phongphanich Accounting is an accounting firm that applies systems and technology to make accounting and financial operations easy and convenient for entrepreneurs. Also can help our accountants can quickly close statements for your tax filing on time with accurate number.

Apply systems and technologies

to assist in accounting and financial operations, easier and convenient.


Closing statements on time for tax filing

Accountants can quickly close the statements for tax filing, on time and accurately.


Founded by experienced people.

We are a management team and financial accounting system for Thailand and international companies for more than 15 years.


Confident, trustworthy, and reliable

We are a digital accounting office with modern accounting and financial management, entrepreneurs can be trusted and reliable.

Our service

Phongphanich Accounting is an accounting firm that applies systems and technology to support accounting and financial operations to be easily and convenient for entrepreneurs, our accountants can quickly close the statements for tax filing on time and accurate.
Accounting & Tax
You can access your data at any time for accounting, tax, and payroll. We have a monthly package for giving you more time to manage your business. And Phongphanich Accounting will take care of your data including consulting you about this section to make your life easier.
Company registration
Reduce the time spent on documents for the government sector. Just give information and documents to Phongphanich Accounting. We will take care of your company registration by one click on the online platform.
Corporate secretary
No more worrying about the government’s deadline because Phongphanich Accounting will follow up the process and always update the status to you. We take care of our customer as the secretary, such as the shareholders’ meeting. various annual documents, etc.
Visa and Work permit
If you want to live and work in Thailand but do not know where to start? Let Phongphanich Accounting help you with your visa and work permit application. We have our consultant who has experience in processing work permits and visa more than 20 years.
Company liquidation and dissolution
We can help you to avoid the many steps and the high cost in case you need to close the company and need help in various processes. Phongphanich Accounting is happy to help you through all the legal steps that should be followed. And ready to suggest ways to reduce the debt burden of companies and partners.
Phongphanich Accounting can help you.
If you are looking for a modern accounting platform to support your business, to make all processes in your business easily and can be overview faster in management data.
Phongphanich Accounting, we have a digital accounting platform that can help you to manage your business online, easy, convenient, and not take time. We have been ready to take care of you since you have registered your company with us.
We have Free accounting software, tax planning, accounting system planning and we want to be a part of your successful.
The advantages of the Digital Account are:

Quick expense record, just use a mobile phone camera to scan.

Summaries of accrued balance reports – automatically accrued, save money from online bills with online function, easy to open bills within 1 minute, no Excel required.


Open unlimited documents and don’t be afraid of missing bills.

No matter how many installments the customer pays, you never forget to send documents online anytime, anywhere, easily, and quickly.


See your sales in 2 clicks with easy-to-understand graphs.

Know the stock before selling. Items are not lacking. Opportunity is not gone. View sales in 2 clicks with easy-to-understand graphs.